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Best Arabic Shawarma in Dubai – Marmar

Buy the best Arabic shawarma in Dubai. Tantalize your taste buds with the delicious Lebanese street food from Marmar.  Enjoy the unique flavors with our freshly prepared dishes that will make your dining experience unforgettable.

Arabic Shawarma in Dubai

“Located in Al Warqa, Dubai, our cafeteria invites you to savor the unique Marmar Onion Stuffed Falafel, a delightful harmony of flavors and textures that guarantees a gratifying dining experience.

Discover the Arabic shawarma in Dubai, and the culinary artistry of Marmar with our Chicken Shawarma Samoon, meticulously crafted using the freshest ingredients, promising an unparalleled Middle Eastern flavor adventure. Don’t miss the chance to relish these authentic flavors today!”

Order online on Marmar: marmar.ae

Marmar Full Menu List

Combo Meal (For One Person):
– Arabic Chicken Shawarma Dish (French fries, garlic cream, hot sauce, soft drink/water)
– Arabic Beef Shawarma Dish (French potatoes, garlic cream, hot sauce, soft drink/water)
– Arabic Falafel Dish (French fries, tahini, soft drink/water)

– Fattoush
– Hummus
– Hummus with Chicken
– Hummus with Beef
– Chicken Shawarma Fingers
– Foul with Olive Oil
– Foul with Tahini
– Falafel Salad
– Falafel Plate
– French Fries
– Coleslaw
– Chicken Shawarma Fatteh
– Meat Shawarma Fatteh
– Hummus Fatteh/Ghee
– Fried Vegetable Plate

Side Dishes:
– Falafel (6 pieces)
– Onion Stuffed Falafel
– Cheese Stuffed Falafel
– Labneh Stuffed Falafel
– Additional Pickle
– Additional Garlic Sauce
– Additional Spicy Sauce
– Additional Mexican Sauce
– Additional Cheddar Sauce
– Additional Tahini Sauce
– Additional Pomegranate Sauce

Shawarma Wrap:
– Marmar Shawarma
– Chicken Shawarma (Saj – Lebanese Bread)
– Chicken Shawarma (Samoon)
– Mexican Shawarma (Saj – Lebanese Bread)
– Mexican Shawarma (Samoon)
– Beef Shawarma (Saj – Lebanese Bread)
– Beef Shawarma (Samoon)

Falafel Wrap:
– Falafel Sandwich (Saj – Lebanese Bread)
– Falafel Sandwich (Samoon)
– Falafel Sandwich Stuffed with Cheese/Labneh/Onions (Saj – Lebanese Bread)
– Falafel Sandwich Stuffed with Cheese/Labneh/Onions (Samoon)
– Mixed Falafel Sandwich (Saj – Lebanese Bread)
– Mixed Falafel (Samoon)
– Fried Vegetable Sandwich (Saj – Lebanese Bread)
– Fried Vegetable Sandwich (Samoon)
– Potato Sandwich (Saj – Lebanese Bread)
– Potato Sandwich (Samoon)

Fresh Juices:
– Strawberry Juice
– Orange Juice
– Lemon Juice
– Mint Lemon Juice
– Kiwi Juice
– Avocado Juice
– Mango Juice

Soft Drinks:
– Soft Drink (Pepsi/Miranda/Shani/7up/Mountain Dew/Coca Cola/Zero Coca-Cola)
– Milko Cool (Orange/Mango)
– Laban Ayran
– Water



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