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Digital platforms based on artificial intelligence have begun to monitor and analyze consumer trends through content published on the Internet and on individuals’ social media accounts, and provide these analyzes in the form of numbers and statistics to government institutions, companies and brands in order to design and improve the quality of services or products.

These platforms, at the request of institutions, companies and brands, collect online content and the reactions of written or audio-visual social media owners, analyze them and convert them into statistics with the aim of building strategies, increasing sales or modifying products.

These platforms employ artificial intelligence techniques to understand consumers’ desires and scrutinize their feedback.

Reda Baibars, Regional Director of Sales at Talkwalker, told Consumer Intelligence: The social media accounts of individuals, institutions and companies have become a source for information and trends, similar to the accounts of institutions and companies as an official source for obtaining information and knowing news as it happens. A new sector is emerging, which is digital platforms to monitor the trends and opinions of these account holders.

Baibars added: We monitor, collect and analyze the opinions of social media account holders, most notably: “Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others,” and analyze this data and present it in the form of reports and studies to build short and long-term plans for institutions and companies to develop their businesses or develop or build new brands that can compete in the market.

He explained that the “Talkwalker” platform develops plans to monitor the opinions and trends of social media account holders or conduct surveys to survey opinions through these accounts using modern technologies, and then present the final results in the form of visuals and broad lines on which services or products are designed to meet the trends of the consumer or the end user. so far.

Baibars continued: The platform uses artificial intelligence-powered technology to monitor and analyze online conversations as they occur across social networks, news sites, blogs and forums in 187 languages.

He said that the platform has relations with many institutions and companies in the region and the world and has carried out many researches and surveys to monitor loyalty to institutions, companies and brands, noting that the new generation of social media account holders have different, even renewed aspirations that are very difficult to understand, which opens the way In front of new platforms to monitor and analyze their current and future trends and try to meet them.

People’s published content provides an opportunity to learn about their reactions, while modern technologies and algorithms are able to extract their general insights and impressions through data collection and processing.

According to AIT News, data analysis in social media allows organizations to make decisions based on that data and implement strategies effectively, as this leads to increased visibility with automated, real-time content that helps brands gain their target audience in several ways.

According to the “Technical Encyclopedia”, the analytics that feature artificial intelligence allow social listening techniques, with the aim of analyzing sentiments and determining how customers feel about services or brands, and data analysis in the means of communication allows organizations to make data-based decisions and implement strategies effectively.

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