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To develop new innovations in smart cities

October 31, 2022

15:47 pm


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The Specialized Communications Corporation “Nedaa”, the exclusive provider of private telecommunications networks and approved by the Government of Dubai, has signed a memorandum of understanding with Nokia. It aims to explore opportunities to upgrade Nedaa’s communications network through Radio Access Networks (RAN) and the Core Network by employing 5G technology and the modern and innovative technologies developed by Nokia.
The fifth generation network, equipped with a comprehensive network segmentation feature, will enable Nedaa to provide new and improved services in the field of vital operations management, smart city applications, and critical communication operations for the concerned institutions, as well as laying solid foundations for more advanced services and technologies such as Metaverse and others.
The Nedaa network already uses Nokia’s infrastructure and can support many networking requirements dedicated to managing mission-critical and communication-critical operations.
By upgrading its communications network to 5G technology, Nedaa will be able to provide enhanced support services in managing critical operations and specialized communications such as: applications used by first response teams, connected and autonomous vehicles, video surveillance and remote control services, in addition to Manage thousands of connected devices, sensors, sensors, and applications powered by IoT technology.
The new memorandum of understanding defines a structural framework to develop the capabilities of the current network and provide flexible and advanced services to institutions and government agencies based on secure and reliable networks.
Within the framework of the new memorandum of understanding, Nokia will implement a program to develop technical competencies and skills, which includes training and knowledge transfer for Nedaa employees.
Nokia will also expand its state-of-the-art Integrated Operations Center (IOC) to serve as an integrator and enabler for 5G network applications, including industry 4.0 applications and technologies, smart city services, Internet of Things and public safety applications with an advanced path towards future services and technologies such as metaverse and others.
“Nokia is a global technology company and an important strategic partner for us in Nedaa,” said Mansour Bouaseba, CEO of the Specialized Communications Corporation (Nedaa). By strengthening our existing partnership, we look forward to benefiting from Nokia’s expertise in the field of fifth generation technology, which will enable us to enhance the capabilities and benefits that we will obtain by upgrading our communications network to the fifth generation network, as this will contribute to providing more innovative and advanced services. to clients across various sectors. The efforts we are currently making to upgrade our networks to the latest generation of communications networks pave the way for us to keep pace with the requirements and services of the digital future and new and promising technologies such as metaverse.”
For his part, Kamal Ballout, Head of the Government and Private Sector at Nokia for India, China, Middle East and Africa, said: “Specialized service providers around the world are moving towards the adoption of 5G technology to improve the efficiency of operations and services provided. Network segmentation technology represents a valuable addition to the capabilities of 5G networks, allowing customers who need advanced and secure communication technologies and services to manage critical tasks and key and vital operations in various sectors and fields to benefit from dedicated virtual networks that provide secure and high-performance wireless communication.”

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